About FLS

Family Law Society is a gender-neutral organisation, founded in 2004 to help families experiencing the pain of parental separation.

We provide free emotional and legal support ranging from counselling to case management. We help individuals fighting to maintain contact with their children. We have specialist expertise in tracking down parents who attempt to abduct their children and thus prevent contact with the other parent.

We also work with victims of domestic violence, both men and women, who are often torn between their loyalty to the family and the safety of their children.

In addition to our grassroot work, we are also a lobbying organisation with an extensive network of contacts in the family law profession, child psychology and politics. Our members include lawyers, experts on court reports, child psychologists and parents. In our work, we interact with academic researchers, politicians, family law practitioners and more importantly the families who rely on Family Law during difficult times of change in their personal circumstances.

We are committed to Equal Parenting and Good Practice in Family Courts.

Our mission statement can be found here.


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